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  • green sprouts from Amexander Hamilton economic growth

    Happy Birthday to a Great Father (of our economy)

    Jan 11, 14 • 933 Views • No Comments

    When you sing happy birthday to Alexander Hamilton today, please just think of this upward sloping (logarithmic) economic growth line: Today, 257–or maybe 259–years ago (no one is positive) on the Caribbean island of Nevis, Alexander Hamilton was......  [read more]

  • Economic Development and World Religion

    Economic Development: Buddhist Takeout?

    Dec 21, 12 • 1185 Views • No Comments

    In a northern Thai village, Buddhist monks are no longer taking the traditional morning walk to collect food from their neighbors. Instead, they make a takeout call for a breakfast delivery. Further describing how Temple life is changing, one monk explained......  [read more]

  • texting is 20 years old

    Phone Power

    Oct 14, 12 • 454 Views • No Comments

    Only 3 years ago in sub-Saharan Africa, more than two-thirds of all roads were unpaved, three-quarters of the population was without electricity, and there were 3 landline phones per 100 people. Enter the cell phone. As of 2010, in low and middle income......  [read more]

  • 16898_Mt.Everest.1.30_000011597235XSmall

    BRIC Cell Phones

    Mar 12, 12 • 859 Views • No Comments

    The Tibetan town of Namche Bazaar has yaks, donkeys and cell phones. Located along the route to a Mt. Everest base camp, the town attracts local traders who provision climbers. With the former carrying products and the latter, market information, the animals......  [read more]