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  • Our Transportation Infrastructure is Crumbling

    Negative Externalities: Who Causes Traffic Congestion?

    Jan 11, 13 • 4854 Views • No Comments

    Moving 5 MPH in rush hour traffic, do you ever think that you are the problem? In rush hour traffic, we create an extra 4 second delay for each car behind us. Add it all together and you get 4.8 billion hours that people wasted during 2010 in traffic. For the......  [read more]

  • The Washing Machine Empowered Women.

    Gender Issues: Home Work

    Dec 31, 12 • 1062 Views • No Comments

    A few thoughts about the washing machine… To do a wash, the typical late 19th century woman had to boil the water, use her scrub board, wring out the water, hang up the clothes, and carry out the dirty water. For 4 children, she would have washed 40,000......  [read more]

  • The ROI From College

    College Tuition and Your “Business Friendly” Major

    Dec 15, 12 • 741 Views • No Comments

    Should a state subsidized college charge less tuition for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) courses? For individuals and for society, we could say that college is all about ROI–a return on an investment. Pay to go, sacrifice what you......  [read more]

  • 19th Century Urban Transport Was An Environmental Problem

    Urban Pollution

    Dec 2, 12 • 3058 Views • No Comments

    When we worry about the impact of autos on the environment, perhaps we should remember the horse. In 1880, the horse population in Manhattan and Brooklyn was somewhere between 150,000-175,000 and growing. A basic part of city life, horsecar rides totalled......  [read more]

  • GDP...16843_5.2_9209625-gdp

    Do You Like the GDP?

    Nov 28, 12 • 629 Views • No Comments

    Having just come across the “Better Life Index,” I started thinking about Ed Koch, a former mayor of NYC who often asked everyone, “How am I doing?” Here are some thoughts about how to measure how well we are doing. The GDP:......  [read more]