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  • Using tweets to predict the stock market

    Economic History: The Dow Jones Industrial Average

    Sep 12, 13 • 891 Views • No Comments

    During the last few years, the list of the Dow Industrials has reflected the casualties of the Great Recession. In 2008 the insurance firm AIG was dropped, General Motors left in 2009 and now Bank of America is going. Actually, if we look back, the Dow gives......  [read more]

  • A Slice of a Pineapple

    Food Bites

    Aug 30, 12 • 1414 Views • No Comments

    Sometimes food is about a lot more than eating. When a !Kung Bushman hunter returns from the forest, he is greeted with, “What, you made us come all this way for this bag of bones?” One Bushman explained why. “When a young man kills much......  [read more]

  • A Traditional Telephone Book

    What Can You Learn From the Phone Book?

    Aug 5, 12 • 663 Views • No Comments

    Among all of the innovations that changed our lives, have you ever thought about the phone book? The first phone book dates back to 1878. Compiled by the the District Telephone Company of New Haven, soon to become SNET, the Southern New England Telephone......  [read more]

  • 15498_captchaFunky

    Default Records

    Feb 26, 10 • 738 Views • No Comments

    Seeing current concerns about the money owed by Greece, I wondered about her past record.  Until 1932, it was not good.  The first report of Greece defaulting on her debt was during the fourth century B.C.  At the time, ten Greek municipalities defaulted......  [read more]

  • A Very Good Teaching Company Course

    Dec 31, 09 • 588 Views • No Comments

    Driving to and from NYC, I have been listening to Part 2 of “America and the New Global Economy,” a Teaching Company course. Interesting in every way, the professor, Timothy Taylor, combines a general economic overview with great specific stories......  [read more]