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    An Economic Indicator: Yappy Hour and Other Doggy Treats

    Oct 5, 13 • 1055 Views • No Comments

    Dogs can tell us a lot…economically. San Francisco’s dog owners can select among 60 different dog treats and 4 birthday cake sizes at Le Marcel Dog Bakery. They can drop off a pet at one day care center that soon will have a senior oasis for older......  [read more]

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    The GDP: A Prettier Sister

    Feb 25, 13 • 383 Views • No Comments

    GDP, move over. Thanks to our nation’s obsession with physical beauty, there’s a new way to check the vitality of our economy. How? By looking at the number of cosmetic surgeries done annually. It makes sense that this would be a pretty accurate......  [read more]

  • The lipstick effect has become the nail polish effect.

    The Recession: Quirky Indicators

    Dec 26, 12 • 1597 Views • No Comments

    People love to cite the lipstick effect. Named in 2001 by former Estée Lauder CEO Leonard Lauder, the lipstick effect just says that during hard times women enjoy more inexpensive luxuries like lipstick. But looking at this graph from The Economist, you can......  [read more]

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    Disaster at Waffle House

    Feb 22, 12 • 500 Views • No Comments

    By Mira Korber, guest blogger. Just last week, a desperate pit-stop at the iconic southern restaurant chain, Waffle House, proved the very worst of my life’s infrequent fast-food exploits. Mid 1,300 mile road-trip, the black letters on yellow signage......  [read more]