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    Green Blog: Frack Away?

    Jan 2, 13 • 369 Views • Demand, Supply, and Markets, EnvironmentNo Comments

    By Amy Tourgee, guest blogger, Kent Place School alumna and Environmental Studies undergraduate at Princeton University Every December, the holiday season is sure to bring us a lot of things: traveling to see family and friends, fighting the traffic and

  • Obama/Biden and Romney/Ryan Issues

    Election Economics: The Economics of Foreign Policy

    Oct 22, 12 • 292 Views • Economic Debates, Economic History, Environment, Financial Markets, Government, International Trade and Finance, Macroeconomic Measurement, Uncategorized, US Presidential ElectionNo Comments

    Although tonight’s presidential debate is about foreign policy, perhaps the real focus is the economy. More than 200 years ago, Alexander Hamilton created the connection between economic policy and foreign policy. By funding the Revolutionary War