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    Which Countries Want You to Have a Baby?

    Apr 20, 14 • 911 Views • No Comments

    It is a recipe for demographic disaster when you have too many old people and not enough babies. The problem is the size of the working age population. When countries like the US are affluent enough to provide support to the aged, transfer payments are funded...  [read more]

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    China’s Demographic Flipflop

    Apr 18, 14 • 1239 Views • No Comments

    The wait list for the most popular retirement home in China has topped 10,000. With 1100 available beds and just 11 beds emptying annually, it could take 100 years for someone to get a spot. Part of the problem is that Chinese families had too many children...  [read more]

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    Aging Benefits

    Apr 26, 12 • 315 Views • No Comments

    When you combine better health care with generous pensions you get (choose one): happy retirees happy politicians insufficiently funded national pension programs the eurozone the United States other   To select an answer let’s begin with 1935. Just...  [read more]