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    The Significance of the Frisbee

    Mar 23, 14 • 983 Views • No Comments

    The story of the Frisbee begins in a backyard during a Thanksgiving dinner in 1937. Fred Morrison and his girlfriend Lucile “Lu” Nay were tossing a  popcorn-tin lid when they switched to a cake pan because it had better aerodynamics. Having some......  [read more]

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    The Best Cities for an Entrepreneur

    Dec 29, 13 • 754 Views • No Comments

    Fascinating…from Entrepreneur: Next, you might want to return to an econlife post on the cities with the most patents. Sources and Resources: Here, you can read the original Entrepreneur article.  ......  [read more]

  • Jeff Bezos entrepreneur

    Fascinating Facts About Jeff Bezos

    Dec 20, 13 • 873 Views • No Comments

    Try typing A name that Jeff Bezos and his wife had considered when they created Amazon, still today, it takes you there. Some Jeff Bezos facts from The Everything Store: As a 6th grader, he was typical of a certain kind of competitive child.......  [read more]

  • Starbucks Reusable Plastic Cup

    Monopolistic Competition: Locating Starbucks

    Jul 26, 13 • 3290 Views • No Comments

    To understand why there can be a Starbucks on every block, we have to start with a can of Maxwell House Coffee. From a 3.1 cup-a-day peak in 1961, US coffee consumption slid downward through the 1980s. It makes sense. The coffee was terrible. Made with low......  [read more]

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    Remembering Milton Friedman

    Jul 31, 12 • 688 Views • No Comments

    Split down the middle, opinion about the US economy puts private initiative or government first. Those who place individual enterprise first believe most private income belongs to those who generate it. By contrast, government’s advocates see a......  [read more]