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  • 19th Century Urban Transport Was An Environmental Problem

    Incentives: Environmental Surprises

    Jul 9, 13 • 588 Views • No Comments

    Talking to a group of us in Nantucket last night, New Yorker writer David Owen referred to the environmentally friendly community where he first lived after college. His home was a 750 square foot dwelling, so close to his neighbors that they could share......  [read more]

  • Tesla Model S

    Tradeoffs: Tesla Cost and Benefit

    Apr 3, 13 • 797 Views • No Comments

    Electric carmaker Tesla just announced its first profitable quarter. I also learned it was able to add $40.5 million to its bottom line for selling pollution credits to other auto makers. States like California have a zero emission requirement for a......  [read more]

  • 19th Century Urban Transport Was An Environmental Problem

    Green New Yorkers

    Feb 19, 12 • 607 Views • No Comments

    Think about life in the city. A one-bedroom apartment might have 1000 square feet located next to several other similar dwellings and all are heated and cooled by the same source. You walk nearby to get your groceries and take the subway or bus to work or......  [read more]