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  • Charts and graphs tell stories

    An Amazing Story From a Graph

    May 31, 14 • 1297 Views • No Comments

    Sometimes one graph can tell a whole story:   A 4-minute animation can also convey a much bigger story. Looking at the same time period as our graph, Hans Rosling connects national income and health. National income closely relates to GDP since......  [read more]

  • Weekly roundup and African statistics and new data sources like cell phones

    Technology: Which Countries are Connected?

    Oct 13, 13 • 2170 Views • No Comments

    In 2011, close to one third of the world’s population was connected to the internet. Asking where are those people, we can answer in 2 ways. Size: Represented by size, the highest number of users, more than one half billion, are in China, the largest......  [read more]

  • Everyday economics and U.S. GDP

    Questions about Capitalism

    Jan 4, 12 • 834 Views • No Comments

    Can capitalism survive? In a Project Syndicate article, Harvard professor Ken Rogoff said, probably. But the “Anglo American paradigm” might evolve into another kind of capitalism. What threatens Anglo-American capitalism? Dr. Rogoff lists 5......  [read more]