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  • High Gas Price Control

    The Reason the Price of Gasoline Has That 9/10

    Apr 19, 14 • 1292 Views • No Comments

    If you asked me how much I pay for gas, I would say $3.49 a gallon. Actually, though, the sign says $3.499. And that means, because the gas station rounds up, I am paying $3.50.  Doesn’t $3.50 sounds like a lot more? The 9/10 of a cent story begins in......  [read more]

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    High, Low, or No Cigarette Tax?

    Sep 11, 10 • 1195 Views • 9 Comments

    Recently, Connecticut legislators were pleasantly surprised because an increase in the cigarette tax generated more revenue than they expected. You might say that the results were predictable. However, if a state increases taxes, it is possible that consumers......  [read more]