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  • This week's everyday economics included vodka to tax dodgers

    Our Weekly Roundup: From Milk to Tobacco

    Aug 9, 14 • 388 Views • No Comments

    Our weekly roundup includes the everyday economics of consumer surplus, monopolistic competition, economic development, poverty and technology spillover....  [read more]

  • The externalities created by attempts at energy efficiency can be positive or negative.

    Energy Efficiency Surprises

    May 14, 14 • 606 Views • No Comments

    Our Wednesday Environmental Issue: Trying to optimize energy efficiency, we might have unexpected results. First, where we live… Referring to an environmentally friendly community where he once lived, New Yorker writer David Owen described his 750...  [read more]

  • market system queen honey bee

    How To Save Honeybees and Reduce the Federal Deficit

    Dec 18, 13 • 489 Views • No Comments

    When a Pennsylvania beekeeper returned to the bees he left in Tampa, Florida for their winter rest during 2007, most had vanished. Contacting other beekeepers, he learned he was not the only one. The problem was Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), a mysterious...  [read more]

  • env eco

    Green Blog: Frack Away?

    Jan 2, 13 • 823 Views • No Comments

    By Amy Tourgee, guest blogger, Kent Place School alumna and Environmental Studies undergraduate at Princeton University Every December, the holiday season is sure to bring us a lot of things: traveling to see family and friends, fighting the traffic and...  [read more]

  • sports stadiums and money

    Sports Walks

    Aug 31, 12 • 546 Views • 1 Comment

    Whenever I go to a Philly’s baseball game, the walk from the car to my seat takes awhile. Located in a “stand alone” sports complex off of Route 95, the stadium is one of several and the parking lots extend for acres. I’ve discovered...  [read more]