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  • A Janet Yellen Dashboard of economic indicators lets us graph Fed decision-making

    What We Should Know About Monetary Policy

    Jun 19, 14 • 1312 Views • No Comments

    Having heard Janet Yellen’s press conference yesterday, I learned that the Federal Reserve expects that the economy will improve, their bond buying will diminish and, during the foreseeable future, interest rates will start to ascend. And yes, she......  [read more]

  • throwin papers quit job

    One Reason That Quitting is Good

    Apr 13, 14 • 565 Views • No Comments

    I have read that Fed Chair Janet Yellen is particularly interested in JOLTS. Representing Job Openings and Labor market Turnover Survey, JOLTS data tell an interesting story. You can see how the trend in job openings parallels the Great Recession almost......  [read more]

  • Federal Reserve takes punch bowl away

    Humor in Fed Transcripts

    Feb 22, 14 • 1019 Views • No Comments

    Below, just a reminder of one piece of the Great Recession before looking at the Fed transcripts. Lehman Brothers is the orange line.   With a typical 5-year lag, the transcripts of the 2008 Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meetings were just......  [read more]

  • Economic news summary and the money supply hundred dollar bills

    Three Reasons You Might Want Hundred Dollar Bills

    Dec 15, 13 • 1040 Views • No Comments

    At, you can enter the serial number of a $100 bill, your zip code and maybe even write WheresGeorge on the bill, and then send it on its way. Whenever its subsequent spenders note that serial number at with a zip code, the......  [read more]

  • Cost of the QE3

    Monetary Policy: The Cost of QE3

    Sep 20, 13 • 1288 Views • No Comments

    Quantitative easing began and continues in front of a computer. If you had visited the Fed when QE1 was being implemented, you would have seen several people, daily, sitting in front of a computer, selecting securities and then buying them. Keeping track of......  [read more]