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  • The Weekly Roundup

    Weekly Roundup: From Old Age to Old Signatures

    Dec 20, 14 • 646 Views • No Comments

    Our Posts Roundup   Sunday 12.14.14  The mystery of the missing magazines…more   Monday 12.15.14  Where Italian needs a connection…more   Tuesday 12.16.14  Which movie stars live longer…more   Wednesday 12.17.14...  [read more]

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    How the Fed Helped Harley

    Dec 8, 10 • 291 Views • No Comments

    Have you ever thought about how, every month or every week, businesses have money for paychecks? One answer is commercial paper. It is amazing that commercial paper is central to so much economic activity and few people have even heard of it. Simply defined,...  [read more]

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    Preventing a ‘Flash Crash’

    Aug 21, 10 • 303 Views • No Comments

    Do you remember the ‘flash crash‘? On Thursday, May 6, for close to 20 minutes, markets everywhere wildly fluctuated.  It began at 2:23 when certain stock prices started moving oddly. With Apple trading at approximately $250 a share, at 2:44,...  [read more]

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    The Ten Best Money Movies

    Apr 1, 10 • 251 Views • No Comments

    From a, 2006 reader survey, the 10 best money movies: Wall Street (1987; 35% of votes) Trading Places (1983; 10% of votes) The Sting (1973; 6% of votes) Ocean’s Eleven (1960; 5% of votes) Boiler Room (2000; 5% of votes) It’s a Mad Mad...  [read more]