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    Laissez-Faire: When Is It Okay to Do Nothing?

    May 19, 13 • 103 Views • Behavioral Economics, Government, Households, Regulation, Thinking EconomicallyNo Comments

    I suspect we have a “bias for action.” Imagine a soccer game that has gone into overtime. Each team has 5 penalty kicks. For several, remaining in the center of both posts, the goalie does not move. Statistically, her behavior is smart since the...

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    Manufacturing Jobs

    Aug 28, 11 • 110 Views • Businesses, Demand, Supply, and Markets, Developing Economies, Economic Debates, Government, Labor, Macroeconomic Measurement, Thinking EconomicallyNo Comments

    Our story begins with M.I.T.’s lithium-ion battery research and then takes us to South Korea and China where the batteries are made. Next, in a surprising move, some of the manufacturing returns to the U.S. With $375 million in federal stimulus money...