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  • An Upward Dow Helps an Incumbent President

    Can Stock Markets Predict Elections?

    Nov 10, 12 • 217 Views • Behavioral Economics, Economic Debates, Economic History, Financial Markets, Thinking Economically, UncategorizedNo Comments

    No one seems to be talking about what really might have led to the Obama win. The stock market. The basic reasoning is that people connect their “social mood” to the incumbent and social mood directly relates to how the stock market is performing.

  • J.D. Salinger and the Estate Tax

    Jan 31, 10 • 196 Views • Thinking EconomicallyNo Comments

    Reading J.D. Salinger’s obituary, I thought about the estate tax and then beyond to a Mark Helprin interview last June. Have you wondered, with the 2010 suspension of the estate tax (called by some the “Throw Momma From the Train Act”), what

  • A New Kind of Misery Index?

    Dec 20, 09 • 188 Views • Thinking EconomicallyNo Comments

    11.84 is the current level of our “misery index” if we use what Arthur Okun (economic advisor to Lyndon Johnson) created. November unemployment + inflation rates = 11.84. However, according to Floyd Norris, a new index might be more appropriate.