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  • Cost and benefit for crime from Gary Becker

    Crime and Punishment in Svalbard

    Jul 11, 14 • 1094 Views • No Comments

    Two times the size of New Jersey, Norway’s Svalbard territory has a single jail cell that was briefly occupied a year ago. Trying to decide why Svalbard has little crime, some cite its sparse population of 3,000 or the fact that it is an archipelago......  [read more]

  • Gary Becker opened a new world when he used economics to study human behavior

    The Rotten Kid Theorem and Other Gary Becker Ideas

    May 6, 14 • 1500 Views • No Comments

    Gary Becker image courtesy of University of Chicago. All too often, if you say you are looking at the economics of the family, people assume you are talking about money. Nobel Laureate Gary Becker, who died this week (1930-2014), changed all of that.  At......  [read more]

  • everyday economics and tax impact

    Unusual Ways to Achieve Deficit Reduction

    Apr 8, 14 • 543 Views • No Comments

    Hoping to diminish their country’s deficit, last year, Malta’s President and Parliament decided to sell citizenship. The price tag is $891,000 and the perk is that Malta is in the EU. Consequently, you get an island home with a back door leading......  [read more]

  • Brexit and EU marriage

    Marrying Up in China

    Jan 13, 14 • 1465 Views • No Comments

    “There is an opinion that A quality guys will find B quality women, B  quality guys will find C quality women, and C quality men will find D quality women…The people left are A quality women and D quality men.” Huang Yuanyuan,......  [read more]

  • dad-holding-baby-hand

    Gender Issues: Stay-At-Home Parents

    Sep 23, 13 • 1324 Views • No Comments

    Bryan Grossbauer is a stay-at-home-dad. The subject of a WSJ focus on the new dad style for raising children, he emphasizes problem solving, cares little about submersion in dirty mud puddles, and ignores household messes. One of close to 190,000 dads who......  [read more]