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  • Gender Issues- alma maters

    Gender Issues: Is Your Alma Mater Biased?

    Sep 30, 13 • 946 Views • No Comments

    Reminiscing during our lunch together, a female friend who attended law school during the 1970s recalled a professor starting classes with, “Good morning, gentleman.” He also seemed to enjoy saying that the women in the class were sitting in the......  [read more]

  • dad-holding-baby-hand

    Gender Issues: Stay-At-Home Parents

    Sep 23, 13 • 821 Views • No Comments

    Bryan Grossbauer is a stay-at-home-dad. The subject of a WSJ focus on the new dad style for raising children, he emphasizes problem solving, cares little about submersion in dirty mud puddles, and ignores household messes. One of close to 190,000 dads who......  [read more]

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    Gender Issues: The Health Care Pay Gap

    Sep 16, 13 • 1118 Views • No Comments

    For many health care workers, the gender pay gap has grown. You can see in this Washington Post infographic how female physicians and dentists have been affected: A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reports that......  [read more]

  • The lipstick effect has become the nail polish effect.

    Gender Issues: Strategic Flirting

    Aug 12, 13 • 408 Views • No Comments

    By Lilli DeBode, guest blogger, Kent Place School alumna and freshman at Columbia University According to a recent study, women are more likely to use strategic flirting in the workplace… and it often ends badly for them. What is strategic flirting? It......  [read more]

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    Gender Issues: Voice Matters

    Jul 1, 13 • 579 Views • No Comments

    At the Nantucket Film Festival, talking about her new film, “In a World,” Lake Belle alluded to power and the female voice. Suggesting that we associate power and authority with the deeper male voices that we hear everywhere, she referred to......  [read more]