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  • Weekly Roundup and gender gap and hiring gender discrimination

    What is the Real Gender Wage Gap?

    Feb 10, 14 • 1168 Views • No Comments

    It is tough to identify the gender wage gap and why we have it but I think a group of people who live in Northeast India provide some pretty good answers. But first… The U.S. Gender Pay Gap If we look at average annual wages, the gap is 23 cents for......  [read more]

  • Weekly Roundup and gender gap and hiring gender discrimination

    State By State Gender Pay Gaps

    Nov 18, 13 • 1343 Views • No Comments

    At 15 cents, the gender wage gap is smallest in Vermont and Nevada. It expands to 36 cents in Wyoming. Comparing all women to all men, though, is tricky. We have the single female professionals who have no gender wage gap and other women who do. We throw......  [read more]

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    Gender Issues: The Second Glass Ceiling

    Jan 21, 13 • 515 Views • No Comments

    By Lilli DeBode, guest blogger, senior at Kent Place School A recent study shows that the glass ceiling not only pertains to employment, but also to marriage.  The results demonstrate that as women earn more than their husbands, the frequency of those......  [read more]

  • Women’s Wages

    Apr 21, 12 • 646 Views • No Comments

    I just learned that April 17 was Equal Pay Day. Assuming that the average woman earns 22 percent less than the average man, she would have to work until mid-April to equal his pay. For women’s pay statistics, I like to look at the Institute for......  [read more]

  • The Surprising Glass Ceiling in Sweden and France

    Female Human Capital

    Apr 20, 12 • 650 Views • No Comments

    To one group of economists, oral contraception is all about human capital. 1970 appears to have been a turning point. 40 years ago, increasingly, women started entering law school, medical school and other professional programs after college. Instead of......  [read more]