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  • green sprouts from Amexander Hamilton economic growth

    Happy Birthday to a Great Father (of our economy)

    Jan 11, 14 • 818 Views • No Comments

    When you sing happy birthday to Alexander Hamilton today, please just think of this upward sloping (logarithmic) economic growth line: Today, 257–or maybe 259–years ago (no one is positive) on the Caribbean island of Nevis, Alexander Hamilton was......  [read more]

  • Economic Independence Day

    Jul 4, 12 • 381 Views • No Comments

    Alexander Hamilton must have been worried. In 1790, as Secretary of the Treasury, a troubled economy had become his responsibility. He had a huge federal debt to fund, a banking sector that was distressed, and an economy to stimulate. Sound familiar? Hamilton......  [read more]

  • Should We Redesign the Dollar?

    May 31, 12 • 401 Views • 1 Comment

    Have you ever worried that you gave someone the wrong bill–maybe a ten rather than a dollar? With US currency, it is easy to make a mistake. After all, the US dollar bill, the five, the ten, the twenty, the fifty, the one hundred are mostly green,......  [read more]

  • 15931_10.7_000000111140XSmall

    Presidents’ Net Worth

    Oct 7, 10 • 432 Views • No Comments

    Who was wealthier George Washington or John F. Kennedy? You’ll find the answer in a fascinating Atlantic article that describes, from Washington through Obama, presidential affluence. George Washington was very rich. Including his land, savings,......  [read more]