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    Too Big To Fail: The Volcker Rule or Glass Steagall?

    Mar 16, 13 • 810 Views • No Comments

    It will be tough to remedy “too big to fail” with the Volcker Rule. At the other extreme, some suggest a 2013 version of Glass-Steagall. Here is the short version of the facts: Proposed by former Fed Chair Paul Volcker, his rule was expressed in......  [read more]

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    An Ice Cream Bank?

    Sep 15, 12 • 801 Views • No Comments

    Should you deposit your money at your local ice cream parlor? Yes, according to a Pennsylvania businessman who has opened a bank in his ice cream shop. But he says his business idea is not really a bank. He does take deposits and offers loans, but you get......  [read more]

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    Too Big To Fail

    Aug 15, 11 • 654 Views • No Comments

    Imagine for a moment that you are the CEO of a large bank. Offered the opportunity to participate in a risky business deal, you say, “Yes.” If the venture succeeds, you benefit. If it fails and threatens your bank’s survival, the government......  [read more]

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    The Top 19

    Mar 10, 10 • 732 Views • No Comments

    Are 19 banks “too big to fail?” Listening to Bloomberg radio, I heard that four banking firms control close to 50 percent of their industry’s assets, that the top 19 control 85 percent, and that the bottom 8000 control 15 per......  [read more]

  • Deja Vu Glass-Steagall?

    Jan 22, 10 • 674 Views • No Comments

    Thinking back to Glass Steagall (and related 1930s legislation) which was formally repealed in 1999 (summarized in “It’s Complicated”, my 1/17 blog), there were five problem areas that sound remarkably similar to today’s challenges: 1.......  [read more]