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  • As a Pigovian tax, the carbon tax generates good behavior and revenue but is controversial.

    Could You Like a Carbon Tax?

    Jun 18, 14 • 1033 Views • No Comments

    Our Wednesday environment focus Here is my “To Do” list for reducing carbon emissions: Buy a Prius. Install solar panels. Take the train to NYC. Lower my thermostat to 60 degrees during the winter. Raise my AC thermostat to 78 during the summer.......  [read more]

  • Opportunity cost of less meat: Cows grazing in a mountain pasture

    Opportunity Cost & The Meat Eater’s Dilemma

    Jun 4, 14 • 1302 Views • No Comments

    Our Wednesday environment focus: Are you a meat avoider, eater or reducer? On a scale of meat consumption, we can place the avoiders at one end, the eaters at the other, and the reducers in the middle because they are meatless for at least......  [read more]

  • Cost and benefit balance change for dealing with global warming if it creates a national security threat.

    An Unexpected Cost of Climate Change?

    May 21, 14 • 984 Views • No Comments

    Our Wednesday Environment Focus By Madeleine Vance, guest blogger and student at Kent Place School; edited by Elaine Schwartz Global Warming has become more than just a threat to the environment. In the movie “Carbon Nation,” former army colonel Dan......  [read more]

  • Salamander ant prey

    The Big Impact of a Little Salamander

    Apr 9, 14 • 757 Views • No Comments

    The woodland salamander made me think of Adam Smith. In North American forests, wherever it is dark and damp, under a rock or a log, a very hungry salamander could be devouring her daily diet. Eating 20 ants, 2 flies or beetle larvae, and maybe a half of a......  [read more]

  • Greenhouse Gases from Ruminant Animals

    Cow Burps and Global Warming

    Mar 19, 14 • 1513 Views • No Comments

    As most of us know, cow burps add to global warming. So too do the methane releases of sheep, goats and other ruminant animals. In a recent opinion piece in Nature Climate Change, a group of researchers suggest we should be paying more attention to methane......  [read more]