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  • Should the market system or government regulate the sharing economy?

    Dilemmas From the “Sharing Economy”

    Apr 29, 14 • 739 Views • No Comments

    Today’s story is specifically about Airbnb. More generally though, it involves whether government or the market system should regulate the “sharing economy.” But first–Craigslist and the Sharing Economy from xkcd: An apartment owner in...  [read more]

  • Nudge Unit Pool Table

    Should Government Have a Nudge Team?

    Nov 30, 13 • 492 Views • No Comments

    Is society better off when people stop smoking? Return to work sooner after a layoff? Pay their taxes on time? Using “nudge theory,” the UK’s Nudge Unit says it can help policymakers help us to make better decisions. A part of government,...  [read more]

  • 15771_3.16_000012166514XSmall

    Figuring Out Financial Regulation

    Jul 18, 10 • 303 Views • No Comments

    Words cannot describe the 2300 pages of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. In a way, because it says so much, it tells us very little. Still though, after looking at the bill and several news summaries, I wanted to share some main...  [read more]

  • Is the Market Ethical?

    Jan 12, 10 • 354 Views • No Comments

    Some people believe that government should control areas that we consider most valuable while others say precisely the opposite. The “war” between government believers and market believers was evident in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal....  [read more]

  • A Government Scale

    Sep 21, 09 • 319 Views • No Comments

    Should government care how much we weigh? Having just read Jacob Weisberg’s article on Bloomberg paternalism, I wonder whether our position on healthcare reform, on financial regulation, and other legislative topics relates to the same idea. It’s...  [read more]