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  • Weekly roundup and Foreign exchange and Venezuela's beer shortage

    Venezuela’s Beer Problem

    Apr 22, 16 • 137 Views • No Comments

    In addition to electricity, water, pharmaceuticals and supermarket items, Venezuela will soon have a beer shortage because of its foreign exchange policy. ......  [read more]

  • Ukraine facts that provide some economic insight

    Handy Ukraine Facts

    May 16, 14 • 862 Views • No Comments

    When 2066 Americans were asked where Ukraine is located, as the dots on the following map show, the replies were rather scattered. While 16% of the respondents knew their geography, the rest were off by an average of 1800 miles. The redder the dot, the more......  [read more]

  • Weekly Roundup and ethanol gut and gasoline

    Venezuela Has Cheap Gas But No Cars

    Mar 11, 14 • 1645 Views • No Comments

    At the official exchange rate, Venezuelans pay 5 cents a gallon for premium gasoline while the real price is closer to one half penny a gallon. The dark purple country at the northern tip of South America (below), Venezuela has the cheapest gas in the world.......  [read more]

  • Coal...emissions..carbon.iStock_000000929391Medium

    Cost and Benefit: Is the Air Ever Too Clean?

    Oct 16, 13 • 788 Views • No Comments

    Implying that we cannot put a price on environmental responsibility, Maine’s Senator Edmund Muskie (1914-1996) once said, “Can we afford clean water? Can we afford rivers and lakes…which continue to make life possible…?…These......  [read more]

  • Tesla Model S

    A Federal Subsidy: The Tesla Test

    Feb 15, 13 • 792 Views • No Comments

    The trip in the  $101,000 Tesla Model S along part of the East Coast was supposed to be uneventful. With 2 ultra fast charging stations in Newark, Delaware and Wilton Connecticut, the power was available. For the 1/2 ton lithium battery, a 30 minute......  [read more]