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  • The Impact of Natural Disasters Relates to Economic Vulnerability

    The Economics of Natural Disasters

    Oct 31, 12 • 1699 Views • No Comments

    With Hurricane Sandy having just blown through my NJ neighborhood, our streets are covered with wires, leaves, branches and several huge trees. During the storm, Consolidated Edison darkened large swaths of NYC and the New York Stock Exchange suspended......  [read more]

  • Decisions Have An Opportunity Cost That Require Tradeoffs

    Street Smarts

    Apr 6, 12 • 632 Views • No Comments

    Through 2 stories, I learned how the design of a road can convey information about the people who live nearby. Here are the stories… Baltimore: Greenmount Avenue in East Baltimore separates Waverly whose median income is $40,000 from Guilford, a much......  [read more]

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    More Than a Mango

    Jun 13, 10 • 671 Views • No Comments

    This story is about a canal and a plastic milk crate. It takes place on a mango farm in Haiti. The farmer has 2 mango trees. The trees produce her entire crop and her income of approximately $2 a day. As described by NPR’s This American Life, to......  [read more]

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    Micro Matters

    Feb 25, 10 • 735 Views • No Comments

    Listening to recent podcasts on Haiti from NPR’s Planet Money,  I started thinking about the large impact that something very little can have. The first story involved a small loan through which a Haitian woman had created a......  [read more]