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  • Decisions Have An Opportunity Cost That Require Tradeoffs

    Nobel Matchmakers

    Oct 17, 12 • 262 Views • Behavioral Economics, Demand, Supply, and Markets, Economic Thinkers, Education, Health Care, Innovation, Labor, Thinking Economically, UncategorizedNo Comments

    One of the first calls a new Nobel Prize winner might get is from Adam Smith, editor of As you might expect, hearing his name, people initially wonder if the call is for real. Usually Mr. Smith does a quick interview and sometimes, if the

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    Harvard Endowment: Underperformance or a Solid Return?

    Sep 12, 10 • 178 Views • Financial Markets2 Comments

    I thought you might want to see how The Wall Street Journal and the NY Times had different interpretations of the same facts on the same day about Harvard’s endowment fund performance: From The Wall Street Journal: “Harvard Endowment Gets Middling