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  • A Mozart String Quartet and Health Care

    Jan 19, 10 • 720 Views • 1 Comment

    A question: How does a Mozart String Quartet resemble health care? The answer: Both have Dr. Baumol’s Cost Disease Eighty-eight year old economist William J. Baumol expressed concern in today’s NY Times about health care cost control. Comparing......  [read more]

  • Listening to Picasso

    Oct 1, 09 • 643 Views • No Comments

    Pablo Picasso is quoted for (maybe) saying “Bad artists copy. Good artists steal.” Perhaps, when pondering health care reform, Congress should do more “stealing”. Looking at Switzerland’s health care model, we might......  [read more]

  • That $17,000.00 Flight

    Sep 26, 09 • 544 Views • No Comments

    The September 26th Daily Notes link is an article in the National Journal Magazine by Jonathan Rauch that describes what it would be like to book a flight if traveling resembled health care. Yes, just like health care, lack of computerized records,......  [read more]