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    Stock Markets: High Speed Trading

    Apr 4, 13 • 291 Views • No Comments

    High frequency trading might be an elephant in the closet. Representing perhaps 51% of all daily trading volume, speedy trading hits the headlines only when something goes wrong. But since I’ve been reading Frank Partnoy’s Wait: The Art and......  [read more]

  • Stock Markets: Should Wall Street Slow Down?

    Aug 2, 12 • 314 Views • No Comments

    Soon after the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) opened yesterday, the prices of more than 140 securities moved irrationally. Some were up 150%. Though no one yet has said why, we do know that fast trading computer programs—high-frequency trades—were the......  [read more]

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    Orderly Markets

    May 14, 10 • 388 Views • No Comments

    No one has figured out the cause of the “flash crash”. Some background information might help, though, when we try to understand what happened. On May 6th, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged close to 1000 points, then made up some of......  [read more]