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  • barbies

    What Barbie Tells Us About Women

    Jun 23, 14 • 919 Views • No Comments

    Our Monday gender issue focus Equipped with a smart phone, a tablet and her distinctively shapely proportions, pink-clad Entrepreneur Barbie just arrived. Because Barbie reflects what has become culturally acceptable, I guess we should applaud her newest......  [read more]

  • For centuries technology transfer has been stolen and shared.

    When Is Technology Transfer Okay?

    Jun 10, 14 • 779 Views • No Comments

    During the 18th century, Sweden gave cash to its “spies” in England so they could buy copper and iron production secrets. Meanwhile, England issued a patent to a chemist who just returned from Russia with a new brewing method. Moving in the......  [read more]

  • Underutilized female human capital conveyed through gender issues and abolitionist movement in The Invention of Wings

    Gender Issues: The Invention of Wings

    Jun 2, 14 • 1023 Views • No Comments

    Our Monday gender issues focus Combine 1 great read, 2 crucial issues and 3 memorable women (2 who really existed) and you get The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd. Through a lens that focuses on slavery and women’s rights, The Invention of......  [read more]

  • Limited by men who want to take control female power, past and present female literacy is among the major gender issues.

    Gender Issues: Literate Women

    May 19, 14 • 1127 Views • No Comments

    For millennia, men have tried to stop women from learning to read. Before we look back, I wanted to share these World Bank maps that let us see the status of female literacy, 2009-2013 Female Literacy in Developing Nations: Worldwide ratios of female to......  [read more]

  • Political gender equity improves human capital far beyond politics

    Why Do We Need More King Peggys?

    Apr 28, 14 • 890 Views • No Comments

    Our Monday Gender Issue: Having a woman as the king of an African fishing village can make a big difference. During 2008, a secretary who works at Ghana’s Washington DC embassy  got a middle of the night call at her home in Silver Spring, Maryland.......  [read more]