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    Human Capital: The Year You Were Born

    Feb 26, 13 • 359 Views • No Comments

    Your human capital might be affected by your birth date. In Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell suggests that children born during the Great Depression had an advantage. Economic contraction meant couples had fewer babies. A cohort with fewer children, 1930s babies...  [read more]

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    Personality and Leadership

    Feb 1, 13 • 245 Views • No Comments

    Thinking of human capital, leading politicians, successful pizza makers and top software sellers might be surprisingly similar. We can start with Franklin Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. Associated with strong leadership, FDR’s style was assertive, bold,...  [read more]

  • Indian Rupee

    A Safety Net: Will India Copy Brazil?

    Jan 8, 13 • 656 Views • No Comments

    If anyone asks you about India’s anti-poverty initiative, just say UID and CCT. India’s current welfare-in-kind social support system is woefully inefficient. Sort of like a leaky pipeline, a part of the food, fuel, and fertilizer that the Indian...  [read more]

  • The Washing Machine Empowered Women.

    Gender Issues: Home Work

    Dec 31, 12 • 612 Views • No Comments

    A few thoughts about the washing machine… To do a wash, the typical late 19th century woman had to boil the water, use her scrub board, wring out the water, hang up the clothes, and carry out the dirty water. For 4 children, she would have washed 40,000...  [read more]

  • The ROI From College

    College Tuition and Your “Business Friendly” Major

    Dec 15, 12 • 442 Views • No Comments

    Should a state subsidized college charge less tuition for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) courses? For individuals and for society, we could say that college is all about ROI–a return on an investment. Pay to go, sacrifice what you...  [read more]