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  • creative destruction libraries

    A Big Problem for Libraries

    Feb 18, 14 • 819 Views • No Comments

    Several weeks ago, I had the huge pleasure of attending the final hour of the marathon reading of Moby Dick at the Nantucket Public Library. The stacks that surrounded me were filled with books and almost everyone had a copy of Moby Dick open to the final......  [read more]

  • Grade Inflation Bubble

    Problems With Grade Deflation

    Feb 13, 14 • 805 Views • 1 Comment

    The number of hours we study is down and our grades are up. Between 1961 and 2003, full time college students diminished their study time from 40 to 27 hours a week. And yet, they have been getting higher grades. In 1940, 15% of all students got A’s. In......  [read more]

  • Beauty and Human Capital Nefertiti

    The Reason That Certain Quarterbacks Earn More

    Feb 2, 14 • 584 Views • No Comments

    A 3.2 difference in a facial symmetry score can mean an extra $378,000 in  pay for a quarterback. According to research from economist David Berri on salaries from 1995-2009, if a quarterback is better looking, his salary will exceed others with similar......  [read more]

  • College Graduation and human capital

    The Revolution That Grandma Started

    Jan 20, 14 • 949 Views • No Comments

    The NYC Miss Subways competition was about a lot more than pretty “girls” (as they were called). To become Miss Subways for a month, applicants had to submit a picture to the John Robert Powers Agency. From perhaps 1000 applicants, 25 were chosen......  [read more]

  • College Graduation and human capital

    Which College Grads Have Unemployment Problems?

    Jan 12, 14 • 1324 Views • No Comments

    With a 6.7% unemployment rate and 74,000 jobs created for December, are you okay if you have a bachelor’s degree? I discovered some answers in a new paper from the NY Fed. Unemployment and underemployment for recent college graduates have been......  [read more]