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  • gender gap women's sports and March Madness

    Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Feminism

    Mar 24, 14 • 370 Views • No Comments

    Our Monday Gender Issue: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Nigerian writer, former MacArthur genius, National Book Critics Circle Award winner, author of the book, Half of a Yellow Sun on which a new movie is based, and the person who has given so many of us so...  [read more]

  • gender gap women's sports and March Madness

    A Gender Gap in Looks

    Mar 17, 14 • 469 Views • No Comments

    Our Monday Gender Issue: Good looking men get more start-up dollars than less attractive men. However, all men get more money than women. They receive 93% of all venture capital funding: Hoping to discover why, researchers from Harvard, Wharton and MIT...  [read more]

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    Tall and Short Populations

    Feb 26, 14 • 427 Views • No Comments

    Princeton economist Angus Deaton estimates that it will take 500 years for Indian women to reach the height of English women. In The Great Escape, Dr. Deaton explains that a population could be short because of nutrition or disease. When babies consume...  [read more]

  • Human Capital and sleep

    The Plight of the Night Owl

    Feb 23, 14 • 299 Views • No Comments

    I must start with my bias. I am a night owl. So too were Winston Churchill and Charles Darwin, James Joyce and Glenn Gould. In one interview, Ann Beattie said, “I really think people’s bodies are on different clocks. I even feel now like I just...  [read more]

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    A Big Problem for Libraries

    Feb 18, 14 • 479 Views • No Comments

    Several weeks ago, I had the huge pleasure of attending the final hour of the marathon reading of Moby Dick at the Nantucket Public Library. The stacks that surrounded me were filled with books and almost everyone had a copy of Moby Dick open to the final...  [read more]