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    Three Reasons You Might Want Hundred Dollar Bills

    Dec 15, 13 • 324 Views • Demand, Supply, and Markets, Developing Economies, Financial Markets, Government, International Trade and Finance, Money and Monetary PolicyNo Comments

    At, you can enter the serial number of a $100 bill, your zip code and maybe even write WheresGeorge on the bill, and then send it on its way. Whenever its subsequent spenders note that serial number at with a zip code, the

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    A Different Kind of Currency Crisis

    Dec 12, 10 • 194 Views • Developing Economies, Money and Monetary PolicyNo Comments

    Our story begins with the United States announcing that it would be issuing a state-of-the-art new $100 bill. Designed to thwart counterfeiters, the new bill has 3-D interactive features. Move the bill and certain shapes and colors shift. The bill, though,