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  • Tiny Taxes…Big Results

    Jan 28, 10 • 194 Views • No Comments

    Journalists discussing the D.C. bag tax think they are on to something. 1.The small tax has a better chance of being passed. Seattle refused to accept a $.20 bag tax. D.C. said $.05 was okay. 2. Because of the tax, people perceive bags entirely differently....  [read more]

  • Is the Market Ethical?

    Jan 12, 10 • 266 Views • No Comments

    Some people believe that government should control areas that we consider most valuable while others say precisely the opposite. The “war” between government believers and market believers was evident in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal....  [read more]

  • Cheap Health Care!

    Jan 2, 10 • 248 Views • No Comments

    A recent “Investor’s Business Daily” article includes a great graph. Downward sloping, the graph represents health care spending by consumers. While aggregate spending skyrockets, individuals are paying less out of pocket....  [read more]

  • Listening to Picasso

    Oct 1, 09 • 194 Views • No Comments

    Pablo Picasso is quoted for (maybe) saying “Bad artists copy. Good artists steal.” Perhaps, when pondering health care reform, Congress should do more “stealing”. Looking at Switzerland’s health care model, we might...  [read more]

  • 15387_mzi.crlnrguj.100x100-75

    (Product) Red. How far will it go?

    Dec 22, 06 • 236 Views • No Comments

    It is safe to say that ten years ago, not many people would have imagined that we could purchase music right off of the Internet and have the proceeds go straight to charity. One of the more reasonable ways to contribute to the Red campaign is to buy...  [read more]