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  • Tax Revenue

    Just Taxes

    May 20, 12 • 291 Views • No Comments

    What happens when a philosopher who believes in less government gets benefits from government? Here is the story: In a building that Love Story author Erich Segal owned, Harvard professor Robert Nozick (1938-2002), a libertarian philosopher, was a tenant....  [read more]

  • Decisions Have An Opportunity Cost That Require Tradeoffs

    Street Smarts

    Apr 6, 12 • 266 Views • No Comments

    Through 2 stories, I learned how the design of a road can convey information about the people who live nearby. Here are the stories… Baltimore: Greenmount Avenue in East Baltimore separates Waverly whose median income is $40,000 from Guilford, a much...  [read more]

  • Ranking Surveys Typically Are Subjective and Have Unintended Consequences.

    Ranking Questions

    Dec 29, 11 • 239 Views • No Comments

    Ranking income distribution, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) says that Denmark is one of the most equal countries the world while Mexico is one of the least. For overall well-being, Gallup selects Virginia, Wisconsin and New...  [read more]

  • Inequality Questions

    Oct 30, 11 • 275 Views • No Comments

    Astoundingly, the country in which we are born determines 60% of our income. And then, the next 20% relates to our parents’ affluence. Here are some answers to other interesting questions we never knew we wanted to ask. All are from The Haves and the...  [read more]

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    Top Earners

    Oct 20, 11 • 256 Views • No Comments

    A quiz: Looking at the top 1% of earners, how many are in financial services? Close to 75%, 50%, 25% or 10%? The answer: 10% (or precisely 13.9%) Next… How much does the top 1% earn? The 1% threshold is close to $350,000. $200,000, top 5%; 150,000, top...  [read more]