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  • Dow Jones Average: Remembering Inflation

    Mar 6, 13 • 451 Views • No Comments

    The Dow Jones Average closed at an historic high yesterday…maybe. Yes, 14,253.77 was higher than ever. However, if we remember inflation, then the most recent Dow high was during 2000. Let’s start with the numbers we are used to hearing. At......  [read more]

  • Scrabble Z

    Market Bubbles: “Pricing” Scrabble Letters

    Jan 18, 13 • 449 Views • No Comments

    Just like technology stocks during the late 1990s or housing in 2006, the Scrabble letter Z might reflect a market bubble. The “price” of a Z is 10 points. However, one (Scrabble) researcher suggests it is really worth 6. Here is the story. During......  [read more]

  • PNC Wealth Management Measures Inflation With Its Christmas Price Index

    Inflation: The Christmas Price Index

    Dec 25, 12 • 595 Views • No Comments

    How to measure inflation? The Christmas Price Index. Whereas the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) Consumer Price Index includes food and medical care and cars, PNC Wealth Management’s CPI, its Christmas Price Index, has swans and hens and dancing maids.......  [read more]

  • Video Game Economics

    Oct 10, 12 • 587 Views • No Comments

    Sometimes a virtual world can show us some economic reality. Here is the story: There once was a Greek economist who, for many years, happily wrote papers and taught classes, in (he said) his “academic cocoon.” However, as the euro-zone calamity......  [read more]

  • Affecting the cost of animal feed and lowering the amount of milk from cows, the drought is pushing up milk prices.

    The US Drought and Pizza

    Sep 11, 12 • 452 Views • No Comments

    Discussing the impact of this summer’s drought on pizza, Stephen Colbert said, “It is one thing for global warming to make the sea levels rise but nobody told me it could make my cheese levels recede.” Colbert was reacting to an economist at......  [read more]