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  • Using tweets to predict the stock market

    Stock Markets: The Karachi Stock Exchange

    Oct 6, 13 • 492 Views • No Comments

    In Karachi, Pakistan, we have 2 very different tales in one city. On the one hand, in a livability survey, Karachi is near the bottom of a list of 140 world cities. Power outages, kidnapping for ransom, marauding gangs and a chasm between rich and poor are......  [read more]

  • The Surprising Glass Ceiling in Sweden and France

    Gender Issues: Lessons From Hetty Green

    Dec 17, 12 • 494 Views • No Comments

    Perhaps we should remember Hetty Green when trying to erase the gender pay gap. Hetty Green, who died at age 82 in 1916, was a multimillionaire who owned Dewey, a terrier that bit people. Asked why she kept him, she replied, “He loves me and he......  [read more]

  • The Congress and the Deficit

    A New Kind of Keynesian?

    Apr 2, 12 • 567 Views • No Comments

    Reading about John Maynard Keynes’s investing acumen in last Saturday’s Wall Street Journal, I wondered whether being a Keynesian could involve more than your attitude about the role of government. So, as a teacher, I created this “Am I a......  [read more]

  • bubble..16721_7.17_000010007327XSmall

    Are You A Good Investor?

    Nov 3, 11 • 418 Views • No Comments

    Good investing takes us to our emotions. But not quite how you might expect. Our brains don’t like random events. Instead, we prefer patterns, especially pleasing patterns. For basketball, that means streaks. According to one statistical study of the......  [read more]

  • 16217_2.27_000000751657XSmall

    A Warren Buffett Story

    Feb 27, 11 • 475 Views • No Comments

    If you had purchased Berkshire Hathaway stock on December 6, 1976, you paid approximately $77. At yesterday’s closing price, one share of the same firm (BRK/A) was $127,550. (Looking at the BLS CPI inflation calculator, $77 in 1976 is equal to the......  [read more]