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  • Alibaba's growth has been fueled by entrepreneur Jack Ma's leadership.

    What You Might Not Know About Alibaba’s Jack Ma

    May 9, 14 • 950 Views • Behavioral Economics, Businesses, Developing Economies, Economic Growth, Economic History, Innovation, International Trade and Finance, Labor, Lifestyle, TechNo Comments

    Seeing the Alibaba IPO in the headlines, I wanted to share these excerpts from a 2006 CNN interview of Jack Ma: About his firm’s name: “One day I was in San Francisco in a coffee shop, and I was thinking Alibaba is a good name. And then a waitress

  • Demand and Supply for Pricing Super Bowl Tickets

    Is the Super Bowl “Cheap” This Year?

    Feb 1, 14 • 365 Views • Businesses, Demand, Supply, and Markets, Labor, SportsNo Comments

    From SeatGeek: January, 2013 $500-$2500 is the face value range for 2014 Super Bowl tickets. By contrast, in 1967, the least expensive box office ticket to the first Super Bowl would have cost you $6. Using an inflation calculator, I discovered that $6 in