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    Greek Taxes

    Nov 29, 11 • 254 Views • Financial Markets, International Trade and Finance, Macroeconomic Measurement, Thinking EconomicallyNo Comments

    Having added property taxes to electric bills, the Greek government is shutting off the power to people who do not pay what they owe. The response? In a northern suburb of Athens, a mayor has assembled a group of electricians to reconnect people who lose

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    Mixed Euro Zone Metaphors

    Jul 19, 11 • 187 Views • Economic Debates, Economic History, Financial Markets, International Trade and Finance, Thinking EconomicallyNo Comments

    In this Economist podcast, journalists describe the euro zone debt crisis with a wonderful array of metaphors. (Directly and indirectly, I quote what they said.) Minnows: The smaller peripheral nations in the euro zone, Greece, Ireland and Portugal are