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  • Entrepreneurship is more accurately measured with statistics on self-made business people.

    Do Real Entrepreneurs Have to be Rich?

    Jun 26, 14 • 408 Views • No Comments

    When you think of an entrepreneur, doesn’t a person who has started a business come to mind? In the United States, that could take us to industries where the self-employed predominate like construction and restaurants, auto repair shops and beauty...  [read more]

  • Amazon and Innovation

    What Happens When 1-Click Meets a Barcode?

    Apr 6, 14 • 391 Views • No Comments

    It’s almost like 1-click and the barcode had a child. 1-click diminished the friction of an online purchase. Described in The Everything Store, it let Jeff Bezos increase revenue by making the purchase process easier. And, once Bezos got his US patent,...  [read more]

  • Jeff Bezos entrepreneur

    Fascinating Facts About Jeff Bezos

    Dec 20, 13 • 457 Views • No Comments

    Try typing A name that Jeff Bezos and his wife had considered when they created Amazon, still today, it takes you there. Some Jeff Bezos facts from The Everything Store: As a 6th grader, he was typical of a certain kind of competitive child....  [read more]

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    Another Amazing Entrepreneur

    Oct 17, 11 • 314 Views • No Comments

    From this WSJ description of Jeff Bezos, you can tell he is an amazing entrepreneur. The article is wonderful. Here are some of the facts: Named Cadabra until someone accidentally called it “cadaver,” Amazon was launched in Seattle on July 16,...  [read more]