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  • Thomas Sargent and Cutting the deficit

    Federal Budget: Some Shutdown History

    Oct 2, 13 • 325 Views • Economic History, Financial Markets, Government, Health Care, Labor, Macroeconomic Measurement, Regulation, Thinking EconomicallyNo Comments

    “Those who disburse the money are like a saucy boy who knows his grandfather will gratify him, and overturns the sum allowed him at pleasure.” Rep. John Randolph of Virginia, 1806, referring to the executive branch (the saucy boy) and the...

  • An Upward Dow Helps an Incumbent President

    Can Stock Markets Predict Elections?

    Nov 10, 12 • 112 Views • Behavioral Economics, Economic Debates, Economic History, Financial Markets, Thinking Economically, UncategorizedNo Comments

    No one seems to be talking about what really might have led to the Obama win. The stock market. The basic reasoning is that people connect their “social mood” to the incumbent and social mood directly relates to how the stock market is performing....