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    Creative Destruction: The Economics of Robotics

    May 17, 13 • 1125 Views • No Comments

    Once there was a computer therapist named ELIZA. While her developer thought she was just a machine, the people who talked to her liked her patience and enjoyed her empathy. In the operating room, da Vinci is a robotic surgeon whose sense of touch engineers......  [read more]

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    Creative Destruction: 30 Years of the Music Industry

    Apr 9, 13 • 1488 Views • No Comments

    Does anyone remember LP records? In 1980, the music industry was dominated by LP/EP. With LP standing for long play and EP, extended play vinyl records, both represented almost 60% of the revenue generated by different musical formats. Next? Cassettes at......  [read more]

  • Cost benefit analysis for hand washing and drying involves minimizing bacteria

    Creative Destruction: Purell’s Story

    Mar 15, 13 • 666 Views • No Comments

    Blowing out candles on birthday cakes has been banned in Australian childcare centers. The reason is the germs. Also, kids are required to wash their hands before going in the sandbox. Really. The rule comes from Australia’s Health Minister. In the US,......  [read more]

  • texting is 20 years old

    Happy Birthday Texting!

    Dec 14, 12 • 535 Views • No Comments

    Sometimes, you never know… At first, it was just a “Merry Christmas” message sent from a computer terminal to a cell phone. The year was 1992, the firm was Vodafone, and the goal was just a better way for secretaries to page their managers.......  [read more]

  • 19th Century Urban Transport Was An Environmental Problem

    Urban Pollution

    Dec 2, 12 • 3028 Views • No Comments

    When we worry about the impact of autos on the environment, perhaps we should remember the horse. In 1880, the horse population in Manhattan and Brooklyn was somewhere between 150,000-175,000 and growing. A basic part of city life, horsecar rides totalled......  [read more]