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    The Age of Women?

    Jul 3, 10 • 168 Views • Gender Issues, Households, LaborNo Comments

    Told you are about to meet the CEO of a major corporation, do you imagine someone in a skirt? According to a recent Washington Post article, the answer from most people is “No”. To individuals saying we have entered “the age of women,”

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    A Woman’s Impact

    May 13, 10 • 183 Views • Gender Issues, Households, LaborNo Comments

    In a Washington Post article with the heading, “‘Potty Parity’ hearing set for today,” I discovered that the U.S. Congress was working on a bill to increase the number of female restrooms in federal buildings. Testimony began

  • Unemployment History

    Feb 3, 10 • 167 Views • Labor, Macroeconomic MeasurementNo Comments

    With unemployment data scheduled for a Friday release, it might be helpful to place the numbers in perspective. The Dallas Fed has illustrated the following conclusions through a series of graphs comparing employment trends now to past recessions. 1. The

  • Working Women

    Jan 3, 10 • 194 Views • Thinking EconomicallyNo Comments

    A January 3rd article from THE ECONOMIST, “Female Power,” focuses on women in the “rich world”. For example… -More women work. In the U.S. women compose 51% of