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  • Everyday economics of football and marginal cost

    The Bills in Detroit and Elsewhere

    Nov 24, 14 • 402 Views • No Comments

    Whether looking at the Buffalo Bills unexpectedly traveling to Detroit, college or high school football, the marginal cost of travel is rising....  [read more]

  • The Shot Clock and Technological Innovation

    The Surprising Impact of the Shot Clock On Basketball

    Apr 12, 14 • 538 Views • No Comments

    This 60-foot shot is amazing. The game was between Shakopee and Hopkins, 2 Minneapolis-St. Paul area high school basketball teams. Playing a semifinal playoff, in quadruple overtime, Hopkins won 49-46 with the 60-foot shot. Hopkins’s strategy? They...  [read more]

  • drought marginal cost

    The Cost of Conservation

    Feb 12, 14 • 444 Views • No Comments

    By Madeleine Vance, guest blogger and student at Kent Place School. Saving water is supposed to allow us to cut down costs. For the drought-stricken city of Wichita Falls in Texas, this is not the case.  In 2013, Wichita Falls’s total rainfall was 33...  [read more]

  • 16902_iStock_000006078219XSmall

    Marginal Children

    Feb 1, 12 • 949 Views • No Comments

    By Mira Korber, guest blogger. American births are on the decline; the number per year has fallen from 4.3 million (2007) to 4 million (2010), perhaps due to a shaky economic situation. However… Why is raising more kids less expensive (in some ways,...  [read more]

  • How much should cities plan for the storm of the century?

    Stormy Issues

    Sep 1, 11 • 282 Views • No Comments

    For Hurricane Irene relief, the debate is again about the debt. Let’s start with the Congress. Expressed by Texas Representative Ron Paul, government should not play a role because “intrusive” bureaucracy” hinders local people and...  [read more]