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  • Behavioral economics and the marshmallow experiment on delayed gratification.

    What You Can Learn From the Marshmallow Test

    Oct 24, 13 • 778 Views • Behavioral Economics, Economic Thinkers, Education, Financial Markets, Government, Health Care, Households, Lifestyle, Regulation, Tech, Thinking EconomicallyNo Comments

    Forty years ago, psychologist Walter Mischel began studying delayed gratification by giving young children a choice. A child and a single marshmallow were left in a room. The child could have one marshmallow now or two when the adult returned minutes later.

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    The Marshmallow Test and Financial Reform

    Jun 27, 10 • 192 Views • Behavioral Economics, Financial Markets, Labor, RegulationNo Comments

    Is it possible that the marshmallow test relates to financial reform? As described in a 2009 New Yorker article by Jonah Lehrer and a WNYC Radio Lab podcast, a marshmallow test given to 4 year olds might predict adult behavior. 40 years ago, psychologist