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  • Salamander ant prey

    The Big Impact of a Little Salamander

    Apr 9, 14 • 731 Views • No Comments

    The woodland salamander made me think of Adam Smith. In North American forests, wherever it is dark and damp, under a rock or a log, a very hungry salamander could be devouring her daily diet. Eating 20 ants, 2 flies or beetle larvae, and maybe a half of a......  [read more]

  • cows-grazing-out-to-pasture

    Global Warming: A Growing Greenhouse Gas Problem

    Oct 23, 13 • 1077 Views • No Comments

    As most of us know, cow burps add to global warming. The problem is that the demand for cows and other livestock is soaring in developing nations. Producing nitrous oxide (N2O), methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, livestock production and......  [read more]

  • Frittata with spinach and onion

    Should We Buy Local?

    Jun 21, 12 • 486 Views • No Comments

    I just finished an omelette with eggs and spinach from a nearby farm. It tasted good, I supported local business and I helped the environment. You could say that I had my cake (but it was spinach) and ate it too. But, here is the surprise. If you care about......  [read more]

  • Affecting the cost of animal feed and lowering the amount of milk from cows, the drought is pushing up milk prices.

    A Happy Story From Greece

    Dec 18, 11 • 414 Views • No Comments

    Greece is helping to solve the unemployment problem in upstate New York. When you see a small white container of Fage Greek yogurt (pronounced fa-yeh), instead try to picture a 220,000 square foot U.S. production facility, close to......  [read more]

  • 15763_5.7_000010364681XSmall

    Animal Emissions

    Jul 15, 10 • 898 Views • No Comments

    As most of us know, cow burps add to global warming. According to the NY Times, animal methane emissions account for 10% of Australia’s contribution to greenhouse gasses. The solution? The kangaroo. Like cows, kangaroos are “foregut......  [read more]