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  • The externalities created by attempts at energy efficiency can be positive or negative.

    Energy Efficiency Surprises

    May 14, 14 • 895 Views • No Comments

    Our Wednesday Environmental Issue: Trying to optimize energy efficiency, we might have unexpected results. First, where we live… Referring to an environmentally friendly community where he once lived, New Yorker writer David Owen described his 750......  [read more]

  • An Economics Idea ToolKit Would Contain Unintended Consequences

    An Economics Tool Kit: Unintended Consequences

    Oct 19, 12 • 1012 Views • 2 Comments

    Next to “no free lunch,” perhaps the most important idea in an economics tool kit is “unintended consequences.” Our story starts in Bogota, Colombia and a visiting professor who tells the Freakonomics people that his friends picked him......  [read more]