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  • Everyday Economics — Oil stories

    Hamburger Economics

    Aug 3, 14 • 678 Views • No Comments

    Our Sunday Charts The 2014 Big Mac Index is out and not much has changed. Norway’s Big Macs are most expensive and Chinese Big Macs are cheap. As The Economist explains, starting in 1986, they wanted to take a lighthearted look at whether currencies......  [read more]

  • Labor Regulation and NYC Sick Leave

    Debating Paid Sick Leave Laws

    Jan 19, 14 • 617 Views • No Comments

    I wonder if we could say that Mayor de Blasio’s sick leave proposal dates back to 1895.  119 years ago, concerned with the harm that a “biscuit, bread, cake bakery or confectionery establishment” could inflict on its employees, New York......  [read more]

  • economic growth and green shoots

    Would Adam Smith Have Supported a Higher Minimum Wage?

    Dec 7, 13 • 1109 Views • No Comments

    Because it would be wonderful if we all knew Adam Smith, I was delighted that President Obama quoted him in a recent speech. However, Smith’s relevance to a minimum wage boost is a bit of a leap. Discussing economic mobility, the President quoted Adam......  [read more]

  • Everyday economics and Shake Shack

    Confirmation Bias: A McDonald’s Wage Hike

    Aug 9, 13 • 536 Views • No Comments

    After telling us that the price of a Big Mac would minimally rise if McDonald’s doubled its wages, The Huffington Post redacted its article. The Huffington Post story that first appeared on July 29 included these paragraphs: “McDonald’s can......  [read more]

  • Job Gains in Texas and Losses in Caifornia and Florida

    Minimum Wage: The Tradeoff

    Feb 19, 13 • 930 Views • No Comments

    Should you support a $9.00 minimum wage? Expressed in a Boston Fed report, the competing arguments on both sides are persuasive. Proponents emphasize the additional spending that will be created, the minimal, if any, job losses, and their support for low......  [read more]