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  • Everyday Economics: Replacing tradition with government central planning for garbage removal created problems in Cairo, Egypt.

    Why Government Cannot Trash Waste Management

    Oct 28, 14 • 298 Views • No Comments

    Central planning through large firms could not replace the consistency and environmental benefits of a zabaleen system for trash removal In Cairo, Egypt....  [read more]

  • Mixed Economy: The Raisin Reserve

    Sep 3, 13 • 676 Views • No Comments

    The supply of raisins is controlled in the United States. During World War II, the US government sent GIs raisins. When the war ended, the armed forces no longer needed all of those raisins. As a result there was a glut. Rather than let the market respond to...  [read more]

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    A Mixed Economy: Ownership Incentives

    May 14, 13 • 542 Views • No Comments

    Thinking about our mixed economy in which government and the market intermingle, I have always gravitated to this quote from former Secretary of the Treasury, Lawrence Summers: “In the history of the world, nobody has ever washed a rented car.”...  [read more]

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    Car Rentals and Cuban Houses

    Nov 11, 11 • 451 Views • No Comments

    Have you ever washed a rented car? Former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers tells us that, “In the history of the world,” no one has. For rental cars and Cuban houses, lack of ownership is the common denominator. When Fidel Castro took control...  [read more]

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    Aug 3, 10 • 349 Views • No Comments

    In a  wonderful NYC Radio Lab podcast about success, Malcolm Gladwell also explains why genius is closely related to love. Recorded at the  92nd Street Y in NYC, writer Malcolm Gladwell and Radio Lab host Robert Shulwich preceded their...  [read more]