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    Euro Matters

    Mar 9, 10 • 314 Views • No Comments

    Said to have been one of the least-prepared countries to transition to euro cash, Greece was an original participant in the euro launch on January 1, 2002.  In the first major euro robbery, in Athens, a gunman ran off with 76,000 euros...  [read more]

  • A Fourth Monetary Policy Tool

    Feb 15, 10 • 329 Views • No Comments

    The chasm between economics textbooks and real life has grown larger. It is just tough to keep up. Looking at monetary policy, the most typical tool used by the Federal Reserve takes students so very logically to the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC). If...  [read more]

  • Can Less Become More for the Federal Reserve?

    Feb 1, 10 • 239 Views • No Comments

    Econ talk lecture (January 11, 2010) Michael Belongia, University of Mississippi economics professor (and past St Louis Fed ecoonmist) interviewed by Russ Roberts It was a good interview. (a little...  [read more]

  • A Rule to Remember?

    Jan 5, 10 • 377 Views • No Comments

    Resembling the disagreement between Paul Krugman and Greg Mankiw on healthcare reform, the debate surrounding the Taylor rule has become somewhat spirited. Yesterday, Ben Bernanke even focused on it during a section of his talk to the American Economic...  [read more]

  • Crowding Out or In?

    Dec 9, 09 • 1048 Views • No Comments

    In their textbooks, economists typically refer to...  [read more]