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  • Everyday economics and air conditioning as an innovation

    What It Means to be Cool

    Nov 2, 14 • 862 Views • 1 Comment

    As a technological innovation, air conditioning led to a ripple of positive externalities. Affecting how we live and work, it had private and social return......  [read more]

  • Supply and demand movie theater tickets

    The Reason I Will Return to My Local Movie Theater

    Jul 8, 14 • 4333 Views • No Comments

    I usually avoid going to my local AMC movie theater. Decades old, it has had a decaying lobby, saggy seats, and a rather worn-out feeling. Several weeks ago, though, as the only place with a good time to see Chef, I went there. And I was pleasantly......  [read more]

  • propeller

    Temperature Matters

    Jul 12, 12 • 906 Views • 1 Comment

    Shot on July 2, 1881, President Garfield lay dying in a room with the first air conditioner.  Naval engineers, whose primary expertise was ventilating mining shafts, had been called in to help the ailing leader. The cooling device they assembled was composed......  [read more]

  • 15914_4.1_000004760445XSmall

    Popcorn Margins

    Sep 28, 10 • 840 Views • No Comments

    Higher quality film? Better projectors? Online ticketing? No. The “most important technological innovation since sound” was the armrest cup holder (according to a movie theater owner). Please think about a cup holder. The cup holder makes huge......  [read more]