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    Movie Tickets

    Jan 5, 12 • 4273 Views • No Comments

    Should you pay more to see a blockbuster film during the Christmas holidays when movie going peaks? Less for an obscure foreign film? More on Saturday and at 7 pm? Less on Tuesday and 11 am? The issue is variable pricing. In this paper, several researchers......  [read more]

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    More on the Movies

    Apr 13, 10 • 721 Views • No Comments

    Following up on yesterday’s post, I discovered how important product placement can be. Sometimes movie makers decide the products beforehand, before they even complete the script and select the stars. Fees for a “starring” product can total......  [read more]

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    The Ten Best Money Movies

    Apr 1, 10 • 554 Views • No Comments

    From a, 2006 reader survey, the 10 best money movies: Wall Street (1987; 35% of votes) Trading Places (1983; 10% of votes) The Sting (1973; 6% of votes) Ocean’s Eleven (1960; 5% of votes) Boiler Room (2000; 5% of votes) It’s a Mad Mad......  [read more]